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Sheryl Rene Davis, author

Certified Permaculture Specialist

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“Learning and teaching permaculture is my gift to my children and their generation.”

I spent most of my childhood climbing trees & building forts in the Piney Woods region of East Texas. A rich history of biology in my family inspired in me such interests as gardening, foraging, taxonomy & bird watching. I also became a licensed Ham Radio operator (KE5QFE).

In the Spring of 2012, along with some friends, I helped throw the sustainability festival, Learning Man in which members of the Austin tribe could exchange skills. In 2015, I worked with the Eco-Community, Quilombo Paixao, to host a successful Educational Expo called Orenda & a Permablitz in Cedar Creek, TX.

I was awarded a scholarship to complete my Permaculture Design Certificate in the Fall of 2014 & have worked on numerous eco-farmlets & non-profit organizations around the central Texas area such as Food is Free, Blue Star Ranch & Thigh High Gardens. I most recently worked with Resolution Gardens where I did garden installations, basic carpentry, light masonry, & landscaping.

For years I have wondered how to make the biggest impact for the world with regard sustainability and environmental health. I have come to realize that communicating with the younger generations through books, activities and projects is the best way for me to make a difference that counts.

I have been called to practice & teach Permaculture to help catapult the environmental health movement into the forefront of modern society.

Sheryl Rene Davis, author
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  • From the publisher: Please note, our purpose is to engage the imagination of our readers with this book and our free tree seeds. The seedlings can be successfully grown as indoor bonsai trees as well as outdoors in the proper planting zones, which will be indicated in the instructions. We don’t pretend to have all the answers for the ills of our planet; we are just trying to do a small part.

  • Dear Kendra,

    You have a great point about restoring red oaks and chestnuts! Those are both heirloom trees that will provide useful resources for many generations. We will definitely make that a consideration. Thanks!

    It is true, I am a professional Permaculturist for Symbiosis Regenerative Systems, but I am humble enough to admit that I have really just begun working my way up the complex learning curve of Mother Nature. We decided to offer Red Wood seeds based on their status as an endangered species and inspired by the research of Joe Welker (giant-sequoia.com) "Our experimentation and observation of the giant sequoias in the wild as well as in the nursery and landscape garden for nearly 30 years has helped to dispel myths with regard to the giant sequoia species. We are happy to share what we have learned. It is our mission to spread this magnificent species around the USA and to the world." - Joe Welker

    Thanks again, Kendra for your advice regarding red oaks and chestnuts! We always love to hear constructive feedback.

    Happy Reading!

    Sheryl Davis, author

  • How was your trip to China, Ginny? Did you see Daniel over there saving Beijing from the brown cloud?