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  • Who’s Hiding In This Book?

    Who’s Hiding In This Book? By Sheila Cordner Illustrated By Daniel Fiore Who’s Hiding Behind That Book? introduces young readers to great works of literature and the authors who created them. By celebrating a diverse group of voices, the book paves the way for a lifetime of appreciating classic books. Young readers will climb the hilly streets of Sui Sin Far’s San Francisco, board a plane to Taha Hussein’s Egyptian village, chase a cocker spaniel through the streets of Virginia Woolf’s London, search the seas for Herman Melville’s white whale, dance to the Blues in Langston Hughes’s Harlem, ride a horse-drawn carriage through Edith Wharton’s Central Park, listen to a woodpecker in Emily Dickinson’s poetry, and hike in Thoreau’s woods. Along the way, readers will encounter a talented girl who leaves her reservation to start a new school, a determined boy who refuses to let his blindness stop him, and a brave young woman who travels across the country in a covered wagon. The book includes a “Become An Author” activity page for children and a bonus section for parents and educators with background information for each author as well as suggested topics to spark discussion with children. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR PRESALE PRICING! ORDERS THROUGH THE PUBLISHER MAY NOT ARRIVE BY DECEMBER 25TH. Do you need your book before Christmas? CLICK HERE to order today through Amazon. PRESALE Pricing until December 15th, 2019 Order Paperback Edition Order Hardback Edition About the Author Sheila Cordner, Ph.D., teaches literature at Boston University and lives in the Boston area with her husband and two young children. Her passion is to share her love of the classics with a broad audience. She has written a book on nineteenth-century authors’ innovative ideas about education, and has presented her research at national and international conferences. She believes we are never too young—or too old!—to appreciate great works of literature.

  • The Mystical Magical Abracadabracal Daniel McDougal McDouglas McFly

         HOLIDAY SPECIAL!!!! Meet Daniel, your friendly neighborhood environmental superhero kid-in-a-kilt! Story by Sheryl Rene Davis Illustrated by Eric Summers Activity Guide illustrated by Daniel Fiore   Mystical Magical Abracadabracal Daniel McDougal McDouglas McFly makes a wonderful gift for that special child in you life. They will enjoy the activities while learning about the environment. ORDERS MAY NOT ARRIVE BY DECEMBER 25TH. Contact the publisher concerning bulk orders. After an 11-year journey from concept to press, our amazing environmental superhero is ready for prime time. There’s been an unboxing! Kids are clamoring for their own personal Moongeese! Though demand is high (yay!) the good news is that we’ll keep the 20% holiday discount while supplies last. You see, Daniel can’t wait to “McFly” onto your bookshelf and he’s bugging us to keep the price down! So the holiday price continues through the end of 2019! Why order directly from our website? You get swag like tree and wildflower seeds, stickers, and environmental superhero buttons! Ordering directly helps us finance print runs take to book shows, festivals, schools, and organizations that support, inform, and foster sustainable, environmentally friendly practices and lifestyles. Discounts are available for organizations and indie bookstores, who receive a 40% direct discount. For wholesale ordering, please use the “Bulk Orders” button or send a message via our contact form. The book is also available via giant online retailer in the clouds (we’d love it if you’d leave a review on Amazon).

  • The Doggie Investigation Gang (DIG), series by Shara Theresa Katsos

    The Case of the Missing Canine – $7.95 by Shara Theresa Katsos (Author), John Bulens (Illustrator), Karen Talbott (Illustrator) “The Case of the Missing Canine” is the first story in The Doggie Investigation Gang, DIG™ series of children’s books. The intended audience is second to fourth-grade students. While learning third-grade level vocabulary, speaker dialogue and being introduced to chapter books, the reader follows three main dog characters, one of which is blind, as they solve mysteries in an effort to assist others. The three dogs are different breeds and have diverse skill sets. The series incorporates many hidden lessons, including the value of individual strengths and differences; the importance of teamwork; and the reward of caring for each other and assisting others in a time of need. All profits from sales of the first book will be donated to PAWS New England to assist in rescuing the dogs residing at Tipton County Animal Shelter, a high-kill shelter located in Tipton, TN. Buy on Amazon   Doggie Investigation Gang, (DIG): The Case of the Missing Canine – Teacher’s Manual-  $7.95 by Shara Puglisi Katsos (Author), Kara Lynch Tirimacco (Author), John Bulens (Illustrator) All proceeds from this book will be donated to PAWS New England, All Breed Dog Rescue. This book is an elementary school teacher’s learning manual for the endearing book titled Doggie Investigation Gang, (DIG): The Case of the Missing Canine (ISBN: 978-1-4951-3677-1). The learning guide is meant to compliment a young reader’s experience as they navigate their way through the text. The following are just a few objectives along with the corresponding Grade Three Common Core Standards that this Learning Guide touches upon. RL.3 Learners will describe the characters in a story and explain how their actions contribute to the story’s events. RF.4c Learners will use strategies to utilize unknown words. SL.2 Learners will add drawings or details to a description to provide information. L.4 Learners will use context clues to figure out word meaning. L.4d Learners will use glossaries and dictionaries to determine the meaning of a word. A section of this guide will follow each chapter of the book. In addition, a reader’s reflection educational activity is provided at the conclusion of the book that inspires children to feel proud of who they are as an individual. Buy on Amazon   Doggie Investigation Gang, (DIG): The Case of the Missing Pendant- $7.95 by Shara Puglisi Katsos (Author), John Bulens (Illustrator) The Doggie Investigation Gang, DIG™ was the talk of Pawtown! Since they solved their first mystery, The Case of the Missing Canine (ISBN 978-0-9776396-5-6), the news about their skills and teamwork had spread quickly among all the dogs at Bow Wow Park. The dogs could not believe how fast the Doggie Investigation Gang found Gizmo’s missing canine friend, Duchess. The Doggie Investigation Gang is run completely by three dogs that happen to be best friends and partners of their own detective agency. Cooper is a big yellow labrador, clever and loves a mystery. Charlie is a medium-sized spaniel, that is a bit of a worrier and never late for appointments. Pedro is a small, blind min pin that has mastered his sense of smell. Together, and with the help of their friends they solve mysteries in an effort to assist others. The intended audience for this series is second to fourth grade students. While being introduced to third-grade level vocabulary, speaker dialogue and chapter books they will learn hidden lessons such as conflict resolution, the value of individual strengths and differences and the importance of teamwork. A portion of the sales of this book will be donated to PAWS New England to assist in rescuing the dogs residing at Tipton County Animal Shelter, a high-kill shelter located in Tipton, TN. Buy on Amazon    

  • The Adventures of Hope & Trusty: Sky Cloud City

    Sky Cloud City- $18.95 By Maria Kamoulakou-Marangoudakis (Author), Aspasia Arvanitis (Illustrator) Inspired by the ancient Greek play Ornithes (The Birds, 414 BC) by Aristophanes; first book in a series by Greek archaeologist Maria Kamoulakou-Marangoudakis. In this delightful tale, two best friends rescue a pair of crows and are swept away to the Land of the Birds. Join them in their adventure where they meet the bird king and his subjects, and help the birds unite to achieve the impossible: a bird city in the clouds called Ornithopolis. Sky Cloud City is the first book in the series, The Adventures of Hope & Trusty. Inspired by the ancient Greek play Ornithes (The Birds, 414 BC) by Aristophanes. About the Author About the Author: Maria Kamoulakou-Marangoudakis was born in Athens, Greece, and spent her childhood steeped in the city’s ancient art and architecture. From early on, Maria felt a strong calling to become an archaeologist, and went on to study archaeology in England in the late 1980s. She holds two degrees in the field, one with distinction. Maria’s experience as a field archaeologist and a researcher with Greece’s Hellenic Ministry of Culture spanned more than sixteen years. During that time, she worked in important archaeological sites throughout Greece, including Sparta, the Diros Caves, Patras, Aetolia-Akarnania, Epidaurus, the islands of Santorini, Lesvos, Zante and Kefalonia. Maria finished her career in Greece as a member of the 35th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities in Kefalonia. Following her marriage to Carl Marangoudakis, Maria moved to the United States in 2008. The seeds of her venture into children’s literature were planted in 2012, during a stormy wintery night in New England. Maria had just emerged from a serious health adventure that left her with a strong desire to “seize the day” by reaching out to children. Using her background as a Greek archaeologist, Maria turned to her favorite ancient Greek playwright, Aristophanes, for inspiration. The Adventures of Hope & Trusty: Sky Cloud City is a free adaptation of the most fairytale-like of his comedies, The Birds (Ornithes). It is the first book in a series inspired by the most popular comedies of Aristophanes. About the Illustrator: New England artist Aspasia Tsihlakis Arvanitis was born to a Greek-American family in Springfield, Massachusetts. From adolescence on, Aspasia had a strong inclination for painting and was attracted by the works of the Renaissance Masters. Her earliest training in oil painting took place during evening classes at Springfield Putnam High School in the early 1970s. She subsequently attended painting classes at the Museum of Fine Arts in Springfield and won a Humanities Award for Excellence in Fine Arts Painting at Springfield Technical Community College. She has taken private lessons in pastel and oil painting in Agawam, Massachusetts, and took a specialized course in Florida to learn the oil painting techniques of the Renaissance Masters. Aspasia enjoys experimenting with new techniques and styles in oil and pastel painting. Now in private collections in Europe and the United States, her compositions include portraits, landscapes, seascapes, still life, abstract and surrealistic paintings. Aspasia’s favorite artistic subject matter is water reflection. Review “A sweet, tender childhood story that speaks in the most beautiful way to the values of love, peace, and cooperation between people. A wonderful adaptation of the ancient comedy writer Aristophanes, that gives us valuable lessons for the present.” Aggeliki Kompocholi Ph.D, Philologist and literary critic, University of Athens, Greece.

  • The Peeragogy Handbook. v3

    The Peeragogy Handbook v. 3 The no-longer missing guide for peer production & peer learning $20 The Peeragogy Handbook is a distillation of practical, effective strategies, patterns and case studies you can use for your collaborative learning and work projects. Until the advent of the web and widespread access to digital media, traditional systems effectively monopolized the pursuit of learning. Now, with access to open educational resources and free or inexpensive communication platforms, groups of people can more easily learn together outside as well as inside formal institutions. You’ll discover how, in this book. The Peeragogy Project was inspired by internet pioneer Howard Rheingold in 2012 and co-created by contributors from around the planet, working on synchronous, asynchronous, analog and digital platforms. Drawing from direct experience and research, our merry band of “peeragogues” has identified, implemented, and refined effective patterns for working together. And it’s fun – the best motivation for learning! Version 3 of the Peeragogy Handbook features a new pattern catalog and many significant enhancements.

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