Daniel McFly Earns Two Purple Dragonfly Awards

Daniel McFly Earns Two Purple Dragonfly Awards

  Congratulations to my award-winning author, Sheryl Davis! Her book The Mystical Magical Abracadabracal Daniel McDougal McDouglas McFly, illustrated by Eric Summers, just won TWO awards in the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards – one for Green & Environmental books, the other for Children’s

Every Fairy Loves a Garden

Fairie Garden

This garden was built for a family with three little girls who like to make fairie houses. (And now my little boys want a fairie garden too!) Native moss boulders provide a mountainous backdrop to set the lay of the

Trees Helping Trees

Trees Helping Trees

Feeling chipper? Our trees at the latest Symbiosis permaculture project are! We cleared branches on a fence line around this small scale organic farm to make way for a new fence. The nutrient dense piles of brush were converted into

It’s All About the Water!


by Sheryl Davis Planning for a vibrant aquatic ecosystem starts with a good pond design that maximizes water catchment potential and manages water retention with dams and spillways. This is a pond that Symbiosis Regenerative Systems was hired to design

Eight Hours in a Skid Steer

A small scale local farmer contracted Symbiosis (symbiosistx.com) to prep a pad for a new shade canopy for his annual veggies and to figure out creative solutions to keep them watered!   Please follow and like us:

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