Earthdate, 5/9-12/17

by Sheryl Davis, permaculture consultant & author

This week at work: Symbiosis RS was hired by Paige Oliverio and Central Texas Food Bank to build this custom greenhouse. We framed it over three days using rough cedar. On the fourth day, the UV protected polygal panels were delivered and installed.

This Food Bank has taken big steps toward closing the hunger gap by planting fruit trees, annual gardens and a green house to propagate plant starts. Win for urban farming!

Almost done! We hope to hold a book-launching party for The Mystical Magical Abracadabracal Daniel McDougal McDouglas McFly at this location, so stay tuned!

The crew: Justin Grunow and project manager, Ariel Von Raven.
Framing it up.
Annual veggies in and growing.
Project designer and professional Attagirl, Paige Oliverio.


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Central Texas Food Bank Greenhouse Project

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