Ready to publish your manuscript? Selecting from the many resources and services out there for people who wish to independently publish can be confusing. Two that Pierce Press recommends most often are Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE), and Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), IPNE’s national affiliated group. IBPA has more than two dozen affiliates in other regions across the country, as well.

As much as we would love to snap our fingers and individually help everyone get their books off the ground for no cost, we get many requests for book consults and they require a good amount of energy and expertise. So Pierce Press does charge an hourly or project estimate consulting fee (reduced for regular clients). Keep in mind however, that an initial half-hour consult is free for IPNE and IBPA members, because these organizations have done so much for us and we’d like to give back a little.

For those interested in focused publishing advice, you can choose to come on board as a one-time or regular client; otherwise join those two organizations and tap into the wealth of information and resources that can be absorbed more slowly. Actually, we’d recommend you use both approaches!

And remember our motto: “Collaboration is the new competition!

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