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 “I dedicate this work to my mother, Susan, who always encouraged me to draw.”

I was born in Austin Texas, in August of 1986. I grew up in Westlake, an upper-middle class bubble in the hills of West Austin. I spent my childhood roaming the neighborhood on my skateboard or bike, exploring, climbing trees, building forts, playing with friends, and making each other laugh. I’ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon, and cartoons have always been a part of my life, a familiar way to express ideas. My major influences include Calvin and Hobbes, the Simpsons, and Southpark. I graduated from Westlake high school in 2005, and received my B.S. in Astronomy from the University of Texas in 2010.

My mother passed away that same year, after 6 months of chemotherapy for liver cancer. Her death resulted in a period of deep introspection and questioning for me. I began to question everything and gradually realized that “modern society” is a sham, sold to the people through subversive marketing campaigns, to turn normal people into greedy, fearful, paranoid, desperate, obedient consumers. And we are consuming the entire planet.

The proliferation of the internet afforded me access to alternative sources of information, which led me to the Zeitgeist Movement. After joining the Austin chapter, we began producing a weekly public-access television show, Zeitgeist Live. The crew and I moved into a house together where we held weekly meetings, showcased exciting new technologies, and experimented with community living. In 2011, we attended the Burning Man festival, and, in 2012, we protested together at City Hall during Occupy Wall Street.

In 2013, I traveled the world for 9 months completing a full lap around the Earth.

Today, I live in a small cabin by the river on the outskirts of Austin where I garden, compost, raise chickens, collect rain, and practice the principles of permaculture. I teach parkour, and work for a lighting design company. I have many other interests including juggling, computer programming, acroyoga, rock climbing, meditation, stand up comedy, surfing, algorithmic stock trading, and making funny videos.

I still consider myself an activist, but my activism has shifted from protesting, to living the life I want to live, and helping others do the same.

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Eric Summers, illustrator

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