4/27/17 This week at work…Symbiosis was asked to come back to a site in Waco, TX where we did a master design and install last year in which we added several thousand linear feet of berms and swales to reduce runoff and sink rainwater into the ground. We also added fruit and nut trees in a silvo pasture that is intended for future rotational grazing. We laid cardboard around many fruit and nut trees we planted to supress weed growth. After cardboarding mulch was added to help the trees retain moisture and support species such as flowering pollinators and alliumsĀ (pest deterrents) were planted near the trees to promote symbiotic relationships.


These berms and swales were laid out perfectly on contour using a laser level to retain maximum rainfall. Trees and support species were planted on the berms, and cover crop seeds were broadcast on both the berms and swales creating a microclimate to help with water retention.
Companion planting with alliums like onions, garlic and daffodils will help ward off pests while this apple tree is getting established.
These lush and happy swales collect rain and soak it into the land thus preventing erosion and watering the berms in a natural time release way.
Silvopasture is the practice of combining forestry and grazing of domesticated animals in a mutually beneficial way. Here we used an auger to plant deep rooted pecans, black and English walnuts and mulberries.


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Established berms and swales, silvopasture and companion planting

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