Farm-tech work station

Earthdate: May 30, 2017

by Sheryl Davis, author & permaculture consultant

This is the intensive care unit of our farm lab. What do you do with a leaky fish tank? Well you turn it into a viewable garden, of course!

Our experimental farm lab is complete with red and blue spectrum growing lights and an Arduino soil moisture monitor built by Brently Donnell. We are sprouting cantaloupe for transplant (did you know every fruit comes with free seeds inside?).

Admittedly, we also have a few tomatoes, peppers, and basil that didn’t get into the ground soon enough in the ICU getting precision watering and a constant amount of prescription light. As a fun project, the human offspring are also growing beans in the lower left pot.

Experimental ICU
Farm labs 2.0
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Farm Lab 1.0

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