The before…
after photo with interactive fairy garden installed.
…and the happily-ever-after!

This garden was built for a family with three little girls who like to make fairie houses. (And now my little boys want a fairie garden too!) Native moss boulders provide a mountainous backdrop to set the lay of the land.

A cool river of limestone gravel and shiny blue aquarium stones spill from the mountain range and culminate in a  pool down in the valley. The garden is brought to life with an assortment of flowering and vining herbaceous plants that will do well in the shade of the oak trees including columbines, purple lantana, yarrow, turk’s caps, ivy and a whole lot of tiny succulents. Each terra cotta pot is a site pad for a future fairie home. They are recessed at different depths in the soil to add dimension and interest.

Final details were added, a pink fairy door, little red and white toadstools and a few pastel sea shell sprinkles, and voila! After a day of working on this project, it was hard to return to the “real” world.


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