Howard Rheingold and publisher Charlotte Pierce in the Bay Area, 2016.

Peeragogy Project instigator and internet pioneer Howard Rheingold‘s 2002 book, Smart Mobs, was acclaimed as a prescient forecast of the always-on era. In 2005, he taught a course at Stanford University on A Literacy of Cooperation, part of a long-term investigation of cooperation and collective action that he has undertaken in partnership with the Institute for the Future.

The TED talk Howard Rheingold delivered about “Way New Collaboration” has been viewed more than 265,000 times. Howard has taught Participatory Media/Collective Action at UC Berkeley’s School of Information, Digital Journalism and Virtual Community/Social Media at Stanford University. He was a visiting Professor at the Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University in Leicester, UK. In 2008, Rheingold won¬†the¬†MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning competition and used his award to work with a developer to create a free and open source social media classroom. Most recently, Rheingold has been concentrating on learning and teaching 21st Century literacies.

The first edition of th ePeeragogy Handbook was born after Howard Rheingold was invited to deliver the 2012 Regents’ Lecture at University of California, Berkeley. A fresh edition comes to life as the result of collaboration among a global cast of characters, about every two years. All are welcome to join and contribute to the project.

Howard Rheingold currently teaches online courses through Rheingold U and makes pataphysical art and painted shoes at his creative den in the Bay Area.


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