Peeragogy In Action #9: The Peeragogy Course, 2021

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What is Peeragogy? It’s been explained as the “art and science of collaboration,” or “the no-longer-missing guide to peer learning & peer production.”

You are invited to join us as we evolve our plans for the Peeragogy Course 2021! We will give a a high level preview of course content, discuss an example of Peeragogy In Action with the “News on Wiki” project and highlight one of the course assignments: contribute to a Wikipedia article.

For this episode, you can either be a fly on the wall or an active participant as we continue exploring and developing the course in real time. Course participants can follow the livestream and comment/question, and/or pop in to studio (we can take 10 at a time; request on the YouTuber comment stream).

Invited panelists include Howard Rheingold, Melanie Weir, Sherry Antoine, Kristy Roschke, and Pete Forsyth. Host, Charlie Danoff

Whatever you call it, Peeragogy is everywhere!


  •  HOST: Charlie Danoff, Peeragogy Project
  • CREW & TECH: Joe Corneli, Charlotte Pierce, and Lisa MacDonald, The Peeragogy Project (est. 2011)



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