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Here’s My Manuscript. Now What?

Here’s My Manuscript. Now What? 

Re-Launch Celebration March 19 at 4 pm!

Face The Book TV returns with scheduled panelists Eddie Vincent, president of the Independent Publishers of New England and chief cook & bottle washer at Encircle Publications, and Shawn Andersen, president of the League of Vermont Writers.

Independent publishing is not for the faint of heart – although access to technology has demolished the stranglehold of the traditional publishing “gatekeepers,” you will have to acquire the skills, invest the time, or hire the talent (or all three) required to professionally publish and effectively distribute your book.

In this re-launch of our Face The Book TV show, we incorporate our “Ask the Experts” feature and continue to focus on the how-to of publishing, rather than the writing process (you’ve already got that, right!). Our experts will lay out in detail the elements crucial to producing a book indistinguishable from a front-list title by a major publisher.

You can do it! So, where to start? Tune in to the live-stream to ask questions in real time, or post your comments afterwards. The week following the show, audio will be posted to your favorite podcast app for your listening convenience!

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Pierce Press helps authors make their way through the publishing journey.

We collaborate with our authors to publish books for children and adults in topics relating to sustainability, peer learning, creativity, diversity, and stewardship of the Earth.

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Get the IPNE edge for your publishing business! IPNE provides networking, resources, education, and cooperative marketing opportunities for New England’s independent publishing community.

Face The Book TV

Face The Book Returns March 12 at 4 pm with a live-streaming video podcast featuring Eddie Vincent, President of Independent Publishers of New England and Publisher at Encircle Publications.

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