Hangman Creek winds through the property on its way to the Spokane River.

Daniel and his friends are looking for organic farmers, beekeepers, orchardists, vintners, and herders to responsibly develop and gently work a parcel of 90 acres of beautiful farmland in the upper Hangman Creek Valley, south of Spokane, Washington.

The farm, where Daniel’s publisher Charlotte Pierce was born at home and where she and her brother were raised, is a rare open space in the increasingly urbanized landscape around the third-largest city in Washington. The owners would like to retain as much of the natural aspects while sustainably providing food and shelter to humans and animals.Several vibrant and unique ecosystems coexist on the land.

The landscape presents a mix of forested and arable land featuring conifers, birch, alder and cottonwood trees; two verdant creek beds; a few brushy slopes; an ancient but producing orchard; and several small, level fields, including one fertile, sub-irrigated parcel of about 5 acres. A paved and a gravel road run through it, along the creeks.

Henry Pierce carries 4×4 posts for the new property line fence.

Charlotte and her brother Henry will collaborate with the farmers to provide equipment for tilling and other farming operations, and a possible temporary residence. Land will be partially fenced (though probably not deer-proof). ┬áTerms of the lease are negotiable to facilitate the farmer’s startup enterprise. Background check, references, and an interview are required.Contact

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Seeking Organic Farmers to Work Land in Upper Hangman Creek Valley, WA

One thought on “Seeking Organic Farmers to Work Land in Upper Hangman Creek Valley, WA

  • October 4, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    I’m working on a project along the Hangman Creek (People’s Park to Hatch Road and highway 195, along with a number of other land owners and city parks, and I wanted to contact you to see where your property is along the creek and what luck you have had with organic farmers. Would appreciate a response as this is a big nature/conservation effort. Thanks!


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