Certified Permaculture Specialist

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“Learning and teaching permaculture is my gift to my children and their generation.”

I spent most of my childhood climbing trees & building forts in the Piney Woods region of East Texas. A rich history of biology in my family inspired in me such interests as gardening, foraging, taxonomy & bird watching. I also became a licensed Ham Radio operator (KE5QFE).

In the Spring of 2012, along with some friends, I helped throw the sustainability festival, Learning Man in which members of the Austin tribe could exchange skills. In 2015, I worked with the Eco-Community, Quilombo Paixao, to host a successful Educational Expo called Orenda & a Permablitz in Cedar Creek, TX.

I was awarded a scholarship to complete my Permaculture Design Certificate in the Fall of 2014 & have worked on numerous eco-farmlets & non-profit organizations around the central Texas area such as Food is Free, Blue Star Ranch & Thigh High Gardens. I most recently worked with Resolution Gardens where I did garden installations, basic carpentry, light masonry, & landscaping.

For years I have wondered how to make the biggest impact for the world with regard sustainability and environmental health. I have come to realize that communicating with the younger generations through books, activities and projects is the best way for me to make a difference that counts.

I have been called to practice & teach Permaculture to help catapult the environmental health movement into the forefront of modern society.

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Sheryl Rene Davis, author

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