Vermont authors looking for publishing guidance packed into two sold-out workshops on March 21 at Bear Pond Books in Montpelier, Vermont, and on March 22 at Galaxy Bookshop in Hardwick.

Charlotte Pierce (Pierce Press), current board member and past president with Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE) represented the regional organization and focused on the ways that IPNE can help author members “make better books and sell more of them.”

The panel for the Vermont self-publishing workshops, from left: literary publisher Marc Estrin of Fomite Press; Ingram sales rep Stacie Williams; award-winning genre fiction author Robbie (RA) Harold; book editor Susannah Noel of Noel Editorial; and Charlotte Pierce of IPNE and Pierce Press.

“Workshops like these are a win-win,” said Charlotte. “The first thing that grabbed me was that two independent stores were collaborating to put on the workshops. How cool is that? It also struck me how the bookstores are motivated to hold them since they generate revenue through ticket sales and educate the sometimes inexperienced indie authors who show up at their doors wondering how to sell books.

“And if you are an indie author/publisher, editor, designer or other type of publishing services provider with some experience,” added Charlotte, “participating in events like these is a great way promote excellence in publishing, to develop a relationship with your regional bookstores, and broaden and deepen your platform.”

Panel links: Noel Editorial; Fomite Press; Ingram Content Group; RA Harold, author; PiercePress; IPNE.

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Vermont Indie Publishing Workshops Pack ‘Em In

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  • March 28, 2017 at 4:05 pm

    I wish I could have attended, but was pretty sick that weekend. 🙁


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