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At Pierce Press, we pride ourselves on the quality of each book we publish. Our authors publish books for children and adults in topics relating to sustainability, peer learning, creativity, diversity, and stewardship of the Earth.

Tales of the Wandering Mists

A Ukrainian Fairy Tale

By Oleg Veretskiy

Because you believed in this project, we are able to publish much sooner. Publication date is scheduled for March 2024, with pre-sales starting in November 2023 at Pierce Press. We support independent bookstores, so when the book is published, please request the Tales of the Wandering Mists at your local brick & mortar indie bookstore! Of course, the book will be also be available at that “big online bookstore,” and reviews there are greatly appreciated. All net revenue goes to the author for this first book in this eponymous trilogy.

Are you brave enough to follow the intrepid young Lisa as she travels through strange worlds on a quest to bring her family back together?

As she comes of age, Lisa’s journey leads her through a series if surreal adventures. You’ll meet strange, chimeric inhabitants of her fantastic world.

Lisa encounters air and earth bound dolphins; the monstrous creature Fray; the shape-shifting Curmudgeon; the mysterious, sinister Acrid; the kindly, wise old Gardener, and the Craftsman who has the power to fix any problems – but will he?

The Wandering Mists by Oleg Veretskiy

Oleg Veretskiy had just published the first novel in his magical realism trilogy, “Tales of the Wandering Mists: A Fairy Tale,” when Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February, 2022.

Pierce Press, a U.S. publisher, created a Kickstarter project to fund the English edition of these wonderful stories. 

After getting to know him, Pierce Press decided that all proceeds after production costs should go to Oleg, who has suspended his career to support Ukraine’s fight for freedom; the publisher will not retain any profits for this first book in The Tales of the Wandering Mists trilogy.

The Kid In A Kilt Series

Oceans Alive cover

Oceans Alive!

By Sheryl Rene Davis
Illustrated by Daniel Fiore

Nominated for the IPNE and IBPA Ben Franklin Awards, 2022

$2 from each direct order of Oceans Alive! goes directly to Mission Blue, the organization founded by famed oceanographer and environmental activist, Dr. Sylvia Earle. Dr. Earle has graciously endorsed and written an introduction to Oceans Alive!

Just released!

Our second book, “Oceans Alive” features our heroes, Daniel, and his school-age friends during a teachable moment about plastics and other pollutants in oceans and waterways, and empowers the children to organize their local community to work together on a crusade to clean up the environment of which they are apart.

This is not only a story, it is a working model that can be implemented in every community and make a real difference in humans, hearts, and habitats.

The Mystical Magical Abracadabracal Daniel McDougal McDouglas McFly cover

The Mystical Magical Abracadabracal Daniel McDougal McDouglas McFly

By Sheryl Rene Davis
Illustrated by Eric Summers & Daniel Fiore

  • Winner of two Purple Dragonfly book awards, 2019 
  • Endorsed by the Jane Goodall Institute of Nepal

Meet Daniel, your friendly neighborhood environmental superhero kid-in-a-kilt!

What better way to make the world a better place than to empower youth to create their ideal future? In this engaging story, Daniel, our superhero kid-in-a-kilt turns deforestation turns to Reforestation!

The new edition includes more engaging activities and suggestions for home-schoolers & teachers. We can’t imagine a better way to teach children how to become an environmental superhero than to get them involved in caring for their environment!

Who's Hiding in this Book? By Sheila Cordner

Who’s Hiding In This Book?

By Sheila Cordner
Illustrated by Daniel Fiore

1st Place Winner of the 2020 Purple Dragonfly Award for Children’s Books

Who’s Hiding In This Book? introduces young readers to great works of literature and the authors who created them.

By celebrating a diverse group of voices, the book paves the way for a lifetime of appreciating classic books.

The book includes a “Become An Author” activity page for children and a bonus section for parents and educators with background information for each author as well as suggested topics to spark discussion with children. To learn more about Who’s Hiding In This Book? and to purchase click on the Visit the Book Page button below.

Peeragogy Handbook

The Peeragogy

The no-longer missing guide for peer production & peer learning


The Peeragogy Handbook is a distillation of practical, effective strategies, patterns and case studies you can use for your collaborative learning and work projects.

Until the advent of the web and widespread access to digital media, traditional systems effectively monopolized the pursuit of learning. Now, with access to open educational resources and free or inexpensive communication platforms, groups of people can more easily learn together outside as well as inside formal institutions.

To learn more about The Peeragogy Handbook and to purchase click on the Visit the Book Page button below.