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Welcome to Pierce Press, independent publisher since 1989

Pierce Press publishes books for children and adults on topics relating to sustainability, collaboration, creativity, and alternative education.

Pierce Press publishes quality nonfiction, fiction, & children’s books on the things we believe in – themes of sustainability, diversity & inclusion, open-access, alternative education, and collaboration.

Our authors are our partners. Drawing on 40 years of publishing experience, we collaborate with independent authors to build a path to success.

About the Kickstarter

Thank you for supporting Ukrainian author Oleg Veretskiy with our successful Kickstarter! This crowdfunding campaign will help with translation, design & illustration, printing, and advertising. Join our secure mailing list for presales notification, events & updates.

“The best thing about being a publisher? Helping authors’ dreams come true.”

Charlotte Pierce, Publisher

We specialize in children’s books with the Gigglequick Books imprint; captivating destinations with the DayTripper Books imprint; alternative & collaborative education with the Peeragogy Books imprint.

At Pierce Press, we collaborate with our authors to publish books that make a difference for adults and children on topics relating to sustainability, peer learning, creativity, diversity and inclusion, and stewardship of the Earth.

Pierce Press also provides book shepherding & author consulting services, turnkey podcast production, niche marketing materials, website content management, and video production for nonprofits, small businesses, & individuals.

Request a publishing consult (IPNE and IBPA members get a free 30-minute initial consult for every 3-month consulting period).

Latest Books

The Mystical Magical Abracadabracal Daniel McDougal McDouglas McFly Series

With an introduction by famed oceanographer & conservationist, Dr. Sylvia Earle of Mission Blue and driving force behind the “Hope Spots” protected ocean areas.
With an introduction by conservation activist & Jane Goodall protégé, Manoj Gautam founder of Burhan Experiences, Bardia National Park, Nepal.
S3E18: FOSS Asia Expands Tech Access

S3E18: FOSS Asia Expands Tech Access

Hong Phuc Dang, founder of FOSS Asia speaks to Peeragogy Project member Joe Corneli about their work with Free Libre Open Source Software (FOSS) in Asia, including the calendar software used at Wikimania.

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2023 IPNE Publishing Conference

2023 IPNE Publishing Conference

Previews of the 12th Annual IPNE Publishers & Writers Conference, where we’re bringing in speakers who’ve “been there, done that.” This series previews several speakers eager to share their expertise to help you flatten your publishing learning curve.

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