Peeragogy Handbook

The Peeragogy Handbook

The Peeragogy Handbook is a distillation of practical, effective strategies, patterns and case studies you can use for your collaborative learning and work projects.

Until the advent of the web and widespread access to digital media, traditional systems effectively monopolized the pursuit of learning. Now, with access to open educational resources and free or inexpensive communication platforms, groups of people can more easily learn together outside as well as inside formal institutions. You’ll discover how, in this book.

The Peeragogy Project was inspired by internet pioneer Howard Rheingold in 2012 and co-created by contributors from around the planet, working on synchronous, asynchronous, analog and digital platforms. Drawing from direct experience and research, our merry band of “peeragogues” has identified, implemented, and refined effective patterns for working together. And it’s fun – the best motivation for learning! Version 3 of the Peeragogy Handbook features a new pattern catalog and many significant enhancements.

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