Who’s Hiding In This Book?

By Sheila Cordner
Illustrated By Daniel Fiore

Who’s Hiding Behind That Book? introduces young readers to great works of literature and the authors who created them.

By celebrating a diverse group of voices, the book paves the way for a lifetime of appreciating classic books. Young readers will climb the hilly streets of Sui Sin Far’s San Francisco, board a plane to Taha Hussein’s Egyptian village, chase a cocker spaniel through the streets of Virginia Woolf’s London, search the seas for Herman Melville’s white whale, dance to the Blues in Langston Hughes’s Harlem, ride a horse-drawn carriage through Edith Wharton’s Central Park, listen to a woodpecker in Emily Dickinson’s poetry, and hike in Thoreau’s woods. Along the way, readers will encounter a talented girl who leaves her reservation to start a new school, a determined boy who refuses to let his blindness stop him, and a brave young woman who travels across the country in a covered wagon.

The book includes a “Become An Author” activity page for children and a bonus section for parents and educators with background information for each author as well as suggested topics to spark discussion with children.



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About the Author

Sheila Cordner, Ph.D., teaches literature at Boston University and lives in the Boston area with her husband and two young children. Her passion is to share her love of the classics with a broad audience. She has written a book on nineteenth-century authors’ innovative ideas about education, and has presented her research at national and international conferences. She believes we are never too young—or too old!—to appreciate great works of literature.

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Who’s Hiding In This Book?

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