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In this 30th episode of Face The Book TV, IPNE board member and business publisher Scott Channell talks with IPNECon22 Conference Coordinator, Mary Catherine Jones about the amzing experts we’ve lined up for the 2022 Nov. 18-19 Authors & Publishers Conference, “Make Better Books & Sell More of Them.”

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    Going Viral: A Self-Publisher’s Story

    Chelsea Banning lamented in a Twitter post that only two of 37 RSVPs had shown up for the Dec. 3 signing for her first novel, “Of Crowns & Legends.” Within hours, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Jodie Picoult, Margaret Atwood, and many other A-list authors responded with messages of support.

    WORKSHOP: The Future of Publishing with Joanna Penn

    In addition to being a multi-bestselling self-published author, Joanna Penn is a leading authority on cutting-edge technologies for book publishing and diverse publishing formats.

    IPNECon22 Preview #1 – Marketing, Productivity, Advertising

    For more than a decade, IPNE’s Annual Conference has been the region’s leading event for indie publishers and authors who want to take their authoring and publishing businesses to new heights.

    Face The Book TV #28: Websites That Sell Books

    Authors and independent publishers need a robust, mobile-friendly, professional website. This is episode 4 in our Book Publishing Basics series – and perhaps the most important part of your book marketing plan.

    Face The Book TV #27: Sell More Books with Email

    Your email subscribers are your best evangelists for buying your book and inspiring others to do the same. Episode 3/4 in our Book Marketing Basics series!

    Face The Book TV #26: Building an Effective Author Platform

    The next episode of Face The Book TV focuses on leveraging assets that you may already have – your expertise, your friends & colleagues, your social media. With mindful cultivation, a well built-out author platform can set you up for booming book sales by the time your publication date rolls around. You can start building your platform any time, but doing it before you even start writing is highly recommended.

    Peeragogy In Action #13: A Serving of Causal Layered Analysis

    How can we anticipate and change the course of climate change, terrorism, water scarcity, and aging populations? Causal Layered Analysis is a tool we may be able to use to shape the future more effectively.

    On the Edge of Wild with Master Falconer Shawn Hayes

    To see a falcon materialize from the sky with a colossal burst of power in pursuit of prey and to realize the falconer’s role, is to enter a new understanding of the natural world, one that takes you to the “edges of existence.”

    Face The Book TV #25: Nuts & Bolts of Your First Book

    Overwhelmed by the process and all the choices? In this episode, we set forth an achievable checklist for the first time indie publisher. Successful publisher Scott Channell reveals best practices.

    Face The Book TV #22: The Great Book Editor Search

    The right experienced professional editor will have the skills to refine the readability, and ultimately, the marketability of your book.

    Professional book editor Megan Harris joins host Charlotte Pierce to discuss best practices for hiring a professional editor.