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Podcast Episode #7

Livestream March 12, 2021 4 pm ET

This episode will livestream March 12, 2021 4 pm ET/9 pm UTC. You are invited to submit questions, subscribe, & set reminder notification at this link. After the livestream, we distribute the podcast  to Spotify, Apple, Google, and all major audio apps.

As we move through a period of turmoil in the health, political, and social spheres, the instigators of the Open Global Mind (OGM) project are aiming for sense-making, a movement that is by definition and in practice, always a work in progress.

Open Global Mind is a project to build communities and platforms that will help us make sense of the world – together. This episode will provide an introduction to the project, and we plan at least two follow-up episodes in the coming year or so.

PANELISTS: Peter Kaminski & Jerry Michalski, Open Global Mind
HOST: Joe Corneli, Peeragogy Project editorial board

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