Peeragogy in Action

“Most social media sites are designed for profit,” Pete Forsyth of WikiStrategies tells us, “and fanning the flames of division and misinformation can be profitable. Wikipedia stands apart.” Why?

Wikipedia is not driven by the same profit motives of YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook; in fact, its entire purpose is to enable users to evaluate good vs. bad sources of information.

How can Wikipedia help us, how can we help Wikipedia, and what can be learned from Wikipedia to help other websites better serve the public good?

Host Joe Corneli fields these questions for WikiStrategies founder and longtime Wikipedia editor, Pete Forsyth and misinformation expert Lane Rasberry with the UVA Dept. of Data Science.

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    Achieving Effective Collaboration

    Host Pete Forsyth of Wiki Strategies and digital innovator Leo Vivier tease out peeragogical patterns in free software and community organizing. They zoom in on how people coordinate actions in large, decentralized projects and how to run fun, friendly conferences in this ecosystem.

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